Why Fussy Reader?

Fussy Reader is a completely free service with one goal: connecting readers with amazing authors and books.

Millions of books are available and a thousand of new ones are published each and every day. Life's too short to try to sift through all that noise trying to find the great ones - and that's where we can help.

We notify you about deals and discounts. We provide author news and industry happenings, editorial and articles that help you discover words and stories and works that'll stir your heart and elevate your soul all while working to inform you about the people behind those moving works.

We understand your inbox is sacred ground. We're not going to send you 365 emails a year and bury your inbox in the process. Instead, we deliver periodic, targeted emails typically about once a week or once every other week, unless something special is happening.

We know how Fussy Readers like to read, so we're going to inform you about the genres you're interested in, including:

Mysteries, Thrillers, Action
+Action +Adventure +Mysteries
+Suspense +Thrillers +True Crime

Romantic Comedy & Romance
+Chick Lit +Contemporary Romance
+Historical Romance +New Adult Romance
+Paranormal Romance +Romantic Comedy
+Romantic Suspense

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
+Science Fiction +Fantasy +Horror
+Steampunk +Dystopian +Time Travel

Teens and Young Readers
+Teens +Teen Literature
+Young Adult +Popular Authors
+Middle Grade

Other Fiction & Nonfiction
+Biographies +Memoirs +Christian Fiction
 +Contemporary Fiction +Historical Fiction
+Inspirational +Literary Fiction +History

Help, Advice & Gifts
+Advice +How-To +Business
+Cooking +General Nonfiction
+Parenting +Babies +Children's

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