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Last Updated: January 5, 2015

Authors, most questions you may have about our service can be answered by working your way through each step of the submission process. Other general questions you have may be answered here.

What is Fussy Reader?

Fussy Reader is a completely free service for readers with one absolutely insane goal: connecting readers with amazing authors and amazing books.

How Does Time-Release Targeting Work?

We focus on finding opportunities for our authors through traditional mailings, feature articles, a dedicated web page and more. Our targeted promotions go out over time based on reader preferences, trends and tastes. For example, your work may be science fiction and we'll try to reach our science fiction readers over time, but we may also discover that certain readers of adventure or young adult works suddenly starting to read the type of science fiction you've written and they'll also get timed-release updates about your title.

What is a Promotion Window?

The promotion window is the window of time for our targeted promotion. A standard promotion window is 120 to 180 days. A continuous promotion window for those who've upgraded to our always-on service runs 365 days a year. Remember, our promotions on behalf of you, the author, are centered around the title being promoted, but also work to build overall awareness of your other works. Because of this, we ask that you gauge the effectiveness of our service not on the results of one title over time, but on the results for all your titles over time.

When is Payment Due?

Payment is due upon acceptance. We begin work 5 - 10 business days following payment. Should any invoiced payment go unpaid for more than 5 business days, the promotion will be canceled and the author will not be eligible to use our service for 90 days. Don't waste our time, and we won't waste yours.

How Much Does Title Promotion Cost?

Fussy Reader charges a one-time flat fee for our promotion. We adjust the cost of service periodically to reflect our growing reach. As setting up new member authors requires additional work, there is also a one-time setup fee. This setup fee is not charged again, as long as the author remains in good standing with our service. Current prices are listed here.

Why Charge a Setup Fee?

While other services charge new and repeat authors the same every time, we recognize that there is less work involved with authors who use our service more than once. For that reason, we've separated the core startup work and the core promotion work into two categories: setup and standard promotion. The January 2015 cost of our service for Mystery authors is $125 the first time and $100 thereafter, saving the repeat advertiser a whopping 20%. Current setup fee rate is listed here.

Does Fussy Reader Accept Short Stories?


Does Fussy Reader Accept Novellas?


Does Fussy Reader Accept Serial Fiction?


Does Fussy Reader Accept Single-Author Boxed Sets?


Does Fussy Reader Accept Collections and Compilations?


Does Fussy Reader Accept Multi-Author Works?

Yes, as long as all contributors are current members.

Does Fussy Reader Accept New Releases?


Does Fussy Reader Accept Pre-Orders?

Yes, as long as the the final on sale date is within 90 days of when we start work.

Does Fussy Reader Guarantee Results?

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee results and anyone who says they can likely isn't telling the truth. There are no shortcuts to success or sales. Success and sales require many factors, including building name recognition, awareness, following, and sometimes require both time and market timing. We can't force readers into buying or downloading anything. What we can do is work to build an author's platform, name recognition, awareness and following.

Does Fussy Reader Offer Refunds?

Unfortunately, once work has begun on an author's behalf we cannot offer a refund of any type. We don't offer refunds because our time and resources are valuable and whether or not they lead to success and sales is completely beyond our control. With promotion, there are too many outside factors that determine impact and success. What we do is work to build an author's platform, name recognition, awareness and following.

How Far In Advance of Special Sales and Giveaways Should Titles be Submitted?

Please ensure to give us at least 10 business days advance notice and preferably 21 calendar days. But remember, our service isn't just about one-time sales. It's about delivering value over time.

What Sale Prices Work Best?

Our readers expect good books at good prices. We feature as many books with everyday value prices as we do books with special sale prices. As an example, we have good success with full-length works priced at $5.99 to $2.99 and shorter works priced at $2.99 to $.99 regardless of whether those are everyday value prices or special sale prices. Authors don't need to give their works away for pennies or nothing to be read.

Our premiere bestselling authors from Faye Kellerman to Marry Higgins Clark to James Patterson and Stephen King price books competitively while also letting us know about their exclusive deals for our readers. Their deals can range in price from $9.99 to free -- and $9.99 deals do quite well, especially for books that typically have much higher regular prices.

How Long Should Sales Last?

We have much better success with books that are on sale for longer periods than books that are on sale for short periods. For example, a book on sale for the month of February rather than three days in February is much more appropriate for our readership than the latter.

Does Fussy Reader Feature Permanently Free Books?

Our readers love free as much as they love bargains and we accept any type of free books for features, whether they are permanently free or temporarily free. However, we have much better success with books that are free for longer periods than books that are free for short periods.

Where Do Fussy Readers Come From?

Fussy Readers come from all over the world, but primarily reside in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, and the UK.


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