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Once we receive a submission, our editorial team will review it and determine whether the title meets our requirements. Because we get so many submissions, it's not possible for us to accept every title submission. If we don't have space in our promotion calendar or the author/title don't meet our selection criteria, we won't select the title for promotion.

As you complete the submission form, make sure you provide as much information as possible and that what you submit is professional. If you don't complete the form properly, we won't continue processing your promotion.

During the review and evaluation process, we will look at the product page for the title submitted to ensure the work has a professional description, a proper categorization, a marketable cover and more. We will also either read a sample of the work or purchase the work for our reading and review. This lets the work itself speak for the author.

We don't have specific requirements for reviews, ratings or type of work. We could care less what others thought of the work and focus on what we believe our members will think. We accept both short works and full-length works, serial novels and novellas, as long as the work itself is something our members will regale in.

We don't focus on past or current sales rank. Because of this, we turn down as many bestsellers as we accept--even ones that some critic in some small room somewhere proclaimed from rooftops. And truth be told some bestsellers aren't that good while many true gems remain undiscovered. These hidden gems we actively seek out as our member readers truly seem to appreciate them.

While we also accept new releases and pre-orders, the release date for pre-orders must be within 90 days of when we would start our promotions. Additionally, all genres and categories of works are welcome. However, it's important to note that erotica must be in good taste with cover art that is at least PG-13. In fact, all covers and descriptive materials used in marketing must be at least PG-13 to keep our fussy readers happy. You never know who may open our promotions on behalf of a member and our fussy members don't like unpleasant surprises, even though they may love a good erotic romp.

Should your submission not be selected, please wait at least 30 calendar days before submitting the same or another title. For any other questions, please read Your Questions Answered.

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