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Our new, enhanced service was developed over many years, with input from leading industry experts, and to deliver it we've partnered with:

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At Fussy Reader, we don't offer any one-time listings like those you see in (now mostly defunct) newspapers and magazines. If you want to spend a lot of money on a listing that goes out in a mailing one time and is soon after gone, there are plenty of other options.

We use a proprietary, targeted approach to promotion focused on giving you value for your advertising dollars over time. Think of our specialized approach as a time-release capsule that delivers targeted marketing for your book over time as reader preferences, tastes and needs change.

When a title is selected, our editorial team builds a focused promotion around the author and the work. Web content is created and marketed. Emails are delivered. Nothing happens in mass or bulk, but rather in targeted mailings and promotions over time, based on the classes of readers who use our site and services and their ever-changing preferences. This helps you reach more ebook lovers, more precisely, over more time.

Our goal isn't just to sell the title being promoted but to sell the author by building awareness, name recognition and word of mouth.

Our process works like this:

1. You submit a title for consideration. Start by filling out the submission form. Only new and first-time members are subject to pre-screening. Once you are accepted, you won't normally have to go through the review and pre-selection process again.

2. We consider the submission. Our editorial team reviews the submission and determines whether the author and title are a fit for what we offer. If the title is selected, you'll receive a confirmation and an invoice.

3. We prepare a promotion for the title. Our editorial team creates a promotion using the information from the original submission. Web content and targeted marketing materials are created and used for our time-release marketing.

4. We enage readers through our promotions. Our promotions on behalf of the author are centered around the title being promoted, but also work to build overall awareness of the author and his or her other works. Because of this, we ask that you guage the effectiveness of our service not on the results of one title over time, but on the results for all your titles over time.

Get started by filling out our submission form.

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How it Works
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Get started by filling out our submission form.

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